Who’s Who and What They Do 10-28-18


This email serves as a reminder
of the upcoming Winter NEC committee meeting to be
held on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at the BWI Airport
Marriott.  Lodging reservations can be made via the
Complimentary self-parking is available onsite.

Good morning AMVETS leaders,

We certainly did not mean to overlook or offend anyone. Please see the updated contact list. This was created originally as an in-house document for staff’s quick reference. Most of our staff does not typically call the national vice commanders or other national officers, which is why they weren’t listed. With this now having broader use and distribution, we have updated it with the appropriate information on our elected leaders. We appreciate these leaders and never want anyone to think we are overlooking them.

Please note this is now a wider used document because we’ve stopped listing officers’ phone numbers and email addresses in the rosters online. That practice is outdated as it was becoming harmful given the many hackers and ‘bots out there, harvesting that information and attempting to scam.

If you ever need contact information not listed in this document, please let Sybrena or me know. We will get it for you immediately.


Joe Chenelly
Mobile: (410) 357-1123
Twitter: @jchenelly

Attached is an updated Expense
form and “Who’s Who and What They Do” for  your convenience.  Please submit your expenses form  along with your flight information asap.

NEC Reports for the above
captioned meeting are due on November 8, 2018.
Submission of this report is due at HEADQUARTERS 30  days prior to the scheduled NEC meeting by all Department  NEC, National
District Commanders and National Officers.  If  submitting your report directly to my email please place  “NEC REPORT” in the subject line.
Reports may also be
submitted via the following link

Please don’t hesitate to
contact me at or call 1-877-726-8387
(x4006) with questions.


Sybrena Bullock

Executive Assistant to Joe Chenelly
AMVETS National

4647 Forbes Blvd.

Lanham, Maryland  20706

(O) 301-683-4006

(F)  301-683-3006

veteran is someone who wrote a blank check, made payable  to  “The  United States of America”
for an
amount of up to and including their Life.

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