August refund report

Aug 2018 Refund Post Dept (1)

Dept & Post Commanders, ED, 1st Vice,

The August 2018 refund report is attached. A copy is also sent to your Posts so they will know the amount of their refund for members that joined online or renewed online. This report can also be used to distribute 2019 member cards. If they are on this list and you have their card please send it to the member.

Refund Report for new Post leaders

The Refund Report

When a member renews his membership online we refund the Post and Dept portion, using the refund report. We send the Post and Dept dues to the Dept. The Dept then sends the Post portion to the Post. As you know dues are in three parts. HQ + Dept. + Post. When a new member is entered online by a Post and the Post processes their dues the Post keeps their portion when they deposit the check. The remainder of the dues, the HQ and Dept portion, are sent via credit card to HQ. At the end of each month we run a refund report which lets us know how much to send back to each Department.  The refund check is sent to the Department. When a member joins online as an MAL or renews his Post membership online,  we itemize the amount so your Department will know how much to send to the Post. When the refund report is generated we send it to the Dept. and the Post so the Posts can see how much to expect from the Dept. Posts can also use the refund report to mail cards to members renewing online.


If you need help sorting or understanding this report give us a call.

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